Choices of the Damned

I really like games that adapt to the players choices and style of gameplay. It forces the player to think about the choices that they must make. With a limited amount of time to make most of these choices, The Walking Dead: Season 1 seems to really capitalize on this method of gaming by making […]

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A Dinner to Remember

One scene that stands out to me more than any other in a video game comes from Resident Evil 7. In this scene the protagonist, Ethan Winters, wakes up at the Baker family’s dinner table. This scene is essentially the beginning of the first chapter after what could be considered the tutorial of the game […]

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The Music of Fallout 4

Music can do many things just by itself. It can inspire us and it can cause us to reminisce about the past. When music is used in another form of media, such as a movie or video game, this effect can be even more evident. One such example of how well music can be used […]

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